Hallie Russell

Allyson Hilliard has represented me for a year and a half. She is resilient, dedicated and always quick to respond to any email or phone call. If you want a highly professional and motivated divorce and/or custody attorney, she’s the one to call. I highly recommend Hilliard & Swartz

Tommy Bailey

This is a GREAT firm – I highly recommend to anyone for family court-related issues. Ms. Hilliard is very knowledgeable and produces results. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the office and their handling of my case. Thanks Allyson!!

Fawney McCallister

Kanawha County, WV

“Ms. Hilliard’s representation of me during my divorce was outstanding. Throughout my divorce, Ms. Hilliard was very direct, thorough, and relentless. My ex-husband was determined that I would get nothing and stonewalled my previous attorney for over two years. I cannot begin to imagine where I would be today if she had not taken my case. She was able to untangle the legal mess that I brought to her and dig out information that was being withheld.

Ms. Hilliard was able to hold on to the wonderful decision and ruling of the Family Court all the way to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. Throughout the duration of my ugly divorce she kept in constant contact via e-mail to keep me up-to-date. I remember many times feeling anxious about the whole legal process, but she reassured me by her strong assertiveness in handling everything! I have recently purchased a home, my retirement is taken care of, etc. I know that this was all possible because of everything she did for me.”

Chris Colagrosso

Kanawha County, WV

“I could not have chosen a better lawyer to represent me.  I had a lot of questions on how to prepare my answer, after being given divorce papers.  Allyson, took time to listen and to gather information that allowed me to be able to breathe easy throughout the whole process.”

Rick Z.

Kanawha County, WV

“I have the highest degree of satisfaction for Ms. Hilliard’s ability to take care of my case. She understood the law for my divorce and had a perfect balance of aggression and compassion for my desires. I felt that she represented my needs completely during this very difficult and confusing time. I recommend her to anyone.”

Jack Bernardo

Clay County, WV

“As a dentist involved in a nasty custody battle with my ex-wife, I needed someone like Ms. Hilliard to represent me. She is a great divorce attorney who has the courage and integrity to fight for father’s rights. Ms. Hilliard is honest and aggressive and will try her best to get what you are entitled to and deserve. I highly recommend Allyson E. Hilliard.”

Tony Bell

Kanawha County, WV

“Allyson does a great job. She’s very passionate and says what’s on her mind. Allyson is a no nonsense attorney. She is very aggressive and doesn’t take any crap. Allyson does quality work and gets the results you want. I highly recommend Allyson. I wish I had hired her first. She’s the only attorney I would have needed.”

Travis Walbeck

Kanawha County, WV

“Ms. Hilliard has personally taken the time to work with me in person, via e-mail and over the phone to understand my complex divorce.  She quickly filed the appropriate documents to give me the advantage in court and to ultimately secure custody of my children.

She was very knowledgeable with case law that fit my specific situation and presented it in a manner that left no room for the opposing side to defend otherwise. In my three years of working through the original divorce, custody challenges, alimony issues, etc. we have been in the Circuit Court and West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Throughout this time Ms. Hilliard has been available to address my questions and concerns quickly, accurately and with confidence. She has been very familiar with the Judges and with their preferences giving me confidence as proceedings have advanced. I feel as if I certainly would not enjoy custody of my children and the financial security to provide for them had it not been for Ms. Hilliard’s expertise.”

Darwin B.

Cabell County, WV

“I chose Allyson Hilliard to represent me in my divorce proceedings in 2014. She is incredibly knowledgeable in divorce law and my proceedings moved quickly. All of my questions were answered very promptly and honestly.

Both Allyson and the office staff were extremely organized and kept me well informed of any progress or changes. I was very satisfied with the services I received and I would highly recommend Allyson Hilliard and Hilliard & Swartz, LLP.”

S. Jones

Kanawha County, WV

“Even after signing a postnuptial agreement, during my marriage and several years prior to my divorce, my ex-wife fought the validity of the contract.  She thought she would get half of everything we agreed would be mine due to funds received as a result of a personal injury lawsuit.

Ms. Hilliard wasn’t intimidated by the fact that there were numerous uphill legal battles to fight for what was rightfully mine.  Even though my divorce battle was dragged out for nearly two years, by my ex-wife, Ms. Hilliard believed in my case from day one, and fought for my rights through Family Court, Circuit Court, and the Supreme Court of Appeals.

Because of her, my postnuptial agreement was deemed valid in both the Circuit Court and West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.  She believed in me and in my case from day one.  There truly aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for Ms. Hilliard!”

Sarah Mullens

Kanawha County, WV

“I retained Allyson for what I was told was a “no win situation” by several professionals in various State Departments regarding a delicate matter dealing with the State and my daughter’s child support. Allyson was very upfront with me that those professionals were probably correct; however, she was willing to help me but wanted to make sure I understood my odds were slim.

Allyson stayed in contact with me, as did her staff. She also billed against my retainer very conservatively. Better still, she successfully resolved my issue in a much timelier manner than I had even hoped and with an even better result than I ever expected. During my communications with Allyson, she was very attentive and understanding. Balanced with that, she was very truthful about possible negative outcomes.

I 100% recommend her for honesty, integrity, results, solid communication, and more than fair billing.”

Delores Browning

Wyoming County, WV

“I would highly recommend Allyson Hilliard to anyone going through a divorce.  She and her staff were very reassuring and kind to me from the onset.  These attributes are extremely important at a time when a person is most vulnerable.

She worked quickly and thoroughly in all facets of my divorce.  She checked out many aspects that I would have never considered. During the court proceedings, she exhibited strong professionalism and knowledge. I appreciate her counsel and experience.”


Kanawha County, WV

“I cannot thank Allyson enough.  She has been great to work with and I always appreciated how quick she was to be the first one to submit paperwork before I even knew it was necessary!!!  She had my daughter’s best interests, as well as mine, at heart and always made me feel more at peace throughout the whole process!

I was impressed with how thorough she was with her line of questioning in the court room and during her cross examination.  I told her I will refer her name to anyone else going through a tough situation that needs a great divorce attorney.”

Jeff Cox

Kanawha County, WV

“Allyson helped me through a difficult divorce and then subsequent parenting issues. She assisted my daughter and I through a very difficult and painful situation and when work slowed she was very patient while I was trying to get the bill paid off. I highly recommend her. ”

S. & J.

Wood County, WV

“From day one (our initial consultation) with Allyson, it was readily apparent that we were in a different world, so to speak. We were amazed as our case progressed- every email was answered, documents were executed and delivered when she indicated they’d be, and most importantly we knew her master plan at all times.

After three other horrible experiences, the timeliness alone of communication was enough to have us singing her praises. She continued this all throughout our hearing and delivered to say the least- full custody of our son plus much, much more.

All in all, she was able to accomplish (with ease) in six months what three other attorneys could not get even partially done in three years. I would absolutely recommend her without hesitation to those needing expert representation.”

Brianna Luikart;

Putnam County, WV

“Ms. Hilliard was hired as my attorney to represent me in a child modification custody case. She promptly answered every question I had without hesitation.  She pushed for the best scenario for my child. She had my child’s best interests at heart. The staff at Hilliard & Swartz, LLP treated me with first class service.  I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking to find a tough credible attorney.”


Kanawha County, WV

“I cannot say enough great things about Allyson’s professional abilities. I had several delicate issues that I had been trying to solve in a rather lengthy divorce involving my youngest son.

Allyson also drafted a superior post- nuptial agreement which eventually saved my retirement future beyond anything I could imagine. She informed me of all my options throughout the entire process and was always highly prepared and confident anytime we had a court hearing. I would recommend her to anyone who has complex issues as she will work hard to obtain successful results.

Thanks to her and her law firm I am living a happy life.”


Kanawha County, WV

“I needed an attorney to help me address a child support/custody issue. I contacted Allyson Hilliard at the recommendation of another law firm and that turned out to be a great decision. Allyson listened to my story, kindly gave me a direct and honest assessment, and suggested a sound and bold course of action.

From the start, she instilled confidence that I had chosen the right person to represent me and my children, and in the end, Allyson Hilliard procured for us much more than I was asking. If the need ever arises, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for her help again.”


Kanawha County, WV

 Post-divorce: “I know myself again, thanks to a great lawyer.”


Putnam County, WV

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work on my behalf! You have been awesome,  and actually managed to make getting divorced a much less miserable experience!”