In this video we talk about how you will communicate with your divorce lawyer, about what you will communicate and what information you should share with your spouse during the divorce. Watch the video below or read the transcription to learn more!

Hey. Today, I am speaking with Allyson Hilliard about how to communicate with your divorce attorney. So Allyson, how often will I communicate with you about my case?

It just depends on the situation. I think in the very beginning there’s a lot more communications over the phone and person definitely a lot of email. I always tell everybody it’s 99% email. It’s quicker, cheaper, easier, and that’s what I find that a lot of clients desire.

Awesome. And that kind of wrapped in the second question of how we communicate? You do a lot of that through email, then?

Definitely. Yeah, I would say 99% through email. Unless it’s something, you know an emergency or something, and they call, then that’s generally by phone. If it’s something more important, in depth, that would always be in person.

So how often do you think we would communicate in person? Is that kind of like at the start of the case or…?

Pretty much at the start of the case before, every hearing, and then maybe at the conclusion after we wrap everything up.

What communication should I have with my spouse about the issues you and I discuss?

Probably zero. I would not have any discussions at all. It’s best if you get along with your spouse, and you kind of want to work through some things, but I definitely would not communicate anything that’s confidential between the clients and myself.

All right, how can I keep communications between me and my spouse amicable or kind?

You always want to approach your ex at the best time. Of course, I generally, 100% never know the other person’s spouse. So I don’t know the best time to approach him or her, but if you’re going to try to keep everything civil, which that’s what I try to strive for, approach them at the best possible time, keep them in a good mood, and try to communicate with whatever you’re trying to convey. It’s probably best when you have children to try to keep that communication that line and open and honest and probably quite often.

All right, and then finally, how will I receive copies of paperwork related to my case? Anything I need to have for my files…

I would say the majority of that is through email as well. I find that a lot of people move from apartments to homes, and they get lost in transit and they get it’s just easier, quicker, and cheaper to convey through through email.

How to Communicate with Your Spouse and Divorce Attorney During a Divorce