Summer vacations can be the highlight of a kid’s year. School is out and they’re free from the classroom. Chances are that prior to relationship complications and divorce, you were probably in a bit of a routine when it came to keeping your kids occupied over summer break. Maybe you went away as a family. Maybe you’d engage in sports or other activities. This may all seem impossible now. But don’t worry. Circumstances may be different now, but everyone can still have a great time. Here are a few steps that you can take to guarantee this!

Communicate with your ex

If your ex partner is still a part of your children’s lives, you’re going to have to communicate for their sake. Make arrangements well in advance of summer vacation, so your kids know where they’ll be staying and when. This allows plans to be put in place and ensures your little ones have a fair amount of time with each parent.

Still make plans

You can still make plans for the break. If you usually go away, still do this. If you usually go to baseball matches, the theatre, or art galleries, still schedule these activities in. You can still do all of these things with your kids!

Make sure your kids get time with friends

A huge part of summer vacation for kids is spending time with friends. Sure, you may want them around a bit more during a divorce – this is a tough time for everyone involved – but it’s important to give them some space and freedom too.

Now go enjoy your summer!